Ichor Coal

IchorCoal N.V. management values transparency and fair information for all market members who show an interest in IchorCoal.

Thumb 222 Own 03Our aim is to provide the financial community with all relevant information, such as annual and half-year reports, fact sheets as well as recent corporate presentations, to allow a fair evaluation of IchorCoal.

The shares in IchorCoal N.V. are admitted to trading in the Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the Berlin Stock Exchange and the Hamburg Stock Exchange. Should you have any investor related question or inquiry, please address these to the following contact:

Ichor Coal N.V.

2 Bruton Road
Nichol Main Office Park
Bryanston 2191
South Africa

Debra Tanzwani
Tel: +27 (10) 300 0999
Email: info@ichorcoal.com
email: debra.tanzwani@ichorcoal.com